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Sneak Peek Soulfire #6

[Preview] Soulfire #6

Outnumbered and seemingly overmatched, the writing is on the wall, but Janus has his own writing – And, the magic it unleashes will shock and awe. Here is your sneak peek of Soulfire #6 from Aspen Comics.

Aspen Soulfire #3

Soulfire #3

Aspen Comics sent Major Spoilers this first look at Soulfire #3 that arrives in stores on Wednesday.

Aspen Soulfire Vol. 7 #2

Soulfire Vol. 7 #2

Here is a sneak peek of Soulfire Vol. 7 #2. Seriously, A SNEAK PEEK! You should really check it out.

Aspen Soulfire #1

Aspen’s Soulfire returns this summer

Aspen Comics is continuing their 15-Year Anniversary campaign on releasing classic “legacy” titles with the return of their best-selling Michael Turner’s Soulfire on July 18th.