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Sneak Peek Vampirella vs Purgatori #1

PREVIEW: Vampirella vs Purgatori #1

The unholy alliance you prayed would never happen is coming to stores on Wednesday. Take the jump for a sneak peek of Vampirella vs. Purgatori #1 from Dynamite Entertainment.

Sneak Peek Batman #015

PREVIEW: Batman #105

Batman battles Ghost-Maker in the no-holds-barred, bloody conclusion of this epic tale in today’s Batman #105 from DC Comics.

Sneak Peek Star Wars #9

[Preview] Star Wars #9

The Empire strikes back in Star Wars #9 from Marvel Comics. Take the jump for a preview of the issue that beams into your LCS on Wednesday.

Sneak Peek Batman #104

[Preview] Batman #104

Batman is looking for Ghost-Maker in this week’s Batman #104 from DC Comics. Take the jump to see if the mission is successful in this sneak peek.

Sneak Peek Star Wars #8

[Preview] Star Wars #8

Marvel has released this sneak peek of Star Wars #8, which explores more of Commander Zahra’s mad quest for revenge against Leia Organa.

Sneak Peek Batman #89

[First Look] Batman #89

DC Comics has released this first look at Batman #89 from writer James Tynion IV, Carlo Pagulayan, Guillem March, and Danny Miki.


[Preview] Deathstroke #15

Will Deathstroke change, or will his rival take him down? Find out in this week’s Deathstroke #15 from DC Comics.

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