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Sneak Peek Wonder Woman #765

[Preview] Wonder Woman #765

On a mission to the heart of super-villain-occupied Zandia, Wonder Woman is stopped dead in her tracks by a turf war that’s turning deadlier by the minute. Take the jump for a sneak peek of Wonder Woman #765 from DC Comics.

Sneak Peek Wonder Woman #761

[Preview] Wonder Woman #761

DC Comics has released a preview of this week’s Wonder Woman #761. The issue arrives on Tuesday from writer Mariko Tamaki, Carlo Barberi and Matt Santorelli.


Adventures of the Super Sons #1 Review

Ever wonder how the sons of two of the greatest heroes in the DC Universe plan to spend their summer? Video games? Vacations? Discussing the gravimetric effects of a Dyson sphere on the surrounding environment as it travels through a solar system? Probably not. They spend it drinking sugary drinks and fighting crime! Adventures of the Super Sons #1 is out now from DC Comics, let’s check it out.

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