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Review Eve #2 Review 8.7

Eve #2 Review

Eve woke up to a world that has been destroyed and is on a journey to figure out what exactly is going on. Will she survive on this trip with mutants hunting her down? Find out in Eve #2 by BOOM! Studios. 

Review 8.0

Eve #1 Review

Eve has woken up in a world that is polluted with poisonous air. She embarks on a dangerous quest to find her father and get the answers she needs. Find out more in Eve #1 by BOOM! Studios.

Review 8.0

Marvel Action: Captain Marvel #5 – Review

After an encounter with A.I.M., Captain Marvel is the size of an ant. Luckily, she is with the Unstoppable Wasp to help her out! Will Captain Marvel be able to return back to her normal size? Find out in Marvel Action: Captain Marvel #5 by IDW Publishing!

Sneak Peek Killswitch #4

[Preview] Killswitch #4

Here is your sneak peek of Killswitch #4 from Action Lab Entertainment’s Danger Zone. The digital-first issue arrives on Wednesday.

Sneak Peek Killswitch #1

[Preview] Killswitch #1

Action Labs’s Danger Zone sent Major Spoilers this sneak peek of Killswitch #1 from Jeffrey and Susan Bridges and Walter Geovani.

Review Marvel Action Captain Marvel #2 Review 9.0

Marvel Action – Captain Marvel #2 Review

Captain Marvel’s quick check on a gathering of aliens takes a bad turn when she is captured and finds herself a prisoner in the pocket dimension inside a Flerkin’s mouth! Will she escape, or is it a virtual din-din end for our hero? Find out in MARVEL ACTION: CAPTAIN MARVEL #2, in stores September 18th from IDW Publishing!

Review 6.0

V Wars: God of Death Review

After the Vampire uprising, a brittle peace.  But efforts have been made to resurrect Michael Fayne, the Vampire messiah.  But only over Luther Swann, ace vampire killer’s, body.  Can he prevent the fracturing of the truce and a renewed global holocaust?  Find out in your Major Spoilers review of the one-shot, V Wars: God of Death.

Sneak Peek

[Preview] Smooth Criminals #6

It’s heist time! A hacker, a thief, and enemies around every turn. What could possibly go wrong? Find out in this sneak peek of Smooth Criminals #6 that arrives this week from BOOM! Studios.

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