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Sneak Peek Star Trek Year Five #20

PREVIEW: Star Trek Year Five #20

As the crew of the Enterprise moves toward an uncertain future, one of their own will be pulled into a violent past! Take the jump for a sneak peek of Star Trek Year Five #20 from IDW Publishing.

Sneak Peek Superman Red and Blue #1

PREVIEW: Superman Red and Blue #1

First it was Batman Black and White, now it is time for Superman Red and Blue #1 from DC Comics. The issue is available today, and the sneak peek is available after the jump.

Review Judge Dredd False witness #4 Review 7.0

Judge Dredd: False Witness #4 Review

In Judge Dredd: False Witness #4,  Mathias Lincoln is having a very bad day.  Captured by the Judges, his mind ripped open to find its secrets, confronted by the killer of his best friend, and destined for the iso-cubes, can Lincoln bring down a huge conspiracy before it is too late?  Find out  in your next mighty Major Spoilers review!

Review Future State: Superman of Metropolis #2 Review 6.0

Future State: Superman of Metropolis #2

With the city of Metropolis in the hands of Brain Cells and his cousin out of commission, it’s up to Jonathan Kent to finally earn his father’s mantle.  Your Major Spoilers review of Future State: Superman of Metropolis #2 awaits!

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