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Retro Review Mystery Men Comics #1 Review 5.0

Retro Review: Mystery Men Comics #1 (August 1939)

We all know the Blue Beetle, with his goggled, scarab-derived powers and/or flying bug… but eighty years ago, things were a little bit different for our favorite cerulean insect hero.  Your Major Spoilers (Retro) Review of Mystery Men Comics #1 awaits!

Review Blue and Gold #2 Review 7.0

Blue And Gold #2 Review

Booster has big plans… but Beetle gets some bad news.  Your Major Spoilers review of Blue And Gold #2 from DC Comics awaits!

Review 6.3

Blue and Gold #1 Review

The boys are back, so lock the doors, hide the good silver and keep ’em away from Kooey Kooey Kooey.  Your Major Spoilers review of Blue and Gold #1 from DC Comics awaits!

Featured Injustice 2 #33 Review

Injustice 2 #33 Review

Tom Taylor is one of the luckiest guys in the comics industry. He has developed his own version of the DC Universe, and he’s done a lot of amazing things with it!

Of course, this comic is based on the Injustice video game, which he also scripted, and it’s just terrific fun!


Blue Beetle #15 Review

Let’s get ready to alien rumble! It’s Blue Beetle vs some weird people in suits.…

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