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Review Black Panther #24 Review 9.0

Black Panther #24 Review

With his allies by his side, T’Challa faces the intergalactic empire that shares the name of his homeland…  Your Major Spoilers review of Black Panther #24 from Marvel Comics awaits!


Marvel Comics announces Black Panther variant covers

Marvel Comics’ Stormbreakers have already been showing their work across many Marvel Comics titles, but in April, they will share the work as a series of variant covers for Black Panther #28, the final issue in Ta-Nehisi Coates’ run on the series.

Ten Things Ten Firsts Ten Things

Ten Firsts

Have you ever wondered who the first real superhero was? Or the first kid sidekick? Well, so have we! Welcome to Ten Things: Ten Firsts!

So You Want to Read Comics

So You Want to Read Comics: Black Panther Edition

As many of you know, the world lost a wonderful talent and person when Chadwick Boseman passed late August and my deepest and most sincere sympathies and respects to his family, friends, and loved ones. Yet, with any tragedy it’s possible to find a bit of positivity and that is what this week’s edition of “So You Want To Read Comics”, will try to do.

Ten Things Ten Impossible-To-Keep-Clean Costumes Ten Things

Ten Impossible-To-Keep-Clean Costumes

Suspension of disbelief is a fragile thing. Sometimes it can be broken by an action, sometimes by a word… Sometimes, it can be broken by laundry. Welcome to Ten Things: Ten Impossible-To-Keep-Clean Costumes!

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