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Sneak Peek Batman Beyond #49

[Preview] Batman Beyond #49

To safely return to his own timeline, Batman Beyond will have to defeat the villain Blanque without being seen by his mentor in Batman Beyond #49 from DC Comics.

Sneak Peek Batman Superman #12

[Preview] Batman Beyond #47

Mr. Zero’s plan is a success – and now the League of Assassins will finally achieve their goal of taking over the world in this week’s Batman Beyond #47 from DC Comics.

Review Batman Beyond #40 Review 8.0

Batman Beyond #40 Review

Batwoman’s secret is out…  but will she survive the fight with Blight?  Your Major Spoilers review of Batman Beyond #40 from DC Comics awaits!


Batman Beyond gets a Blu-ray release

Warner Bros. Home Entertainment has remastered the heralded series for its first-ever presentation on Blu-ray™ in the all-encompassing Batman Beyond: The Complete Animated Series Limited Edition.

Review Batman, Terry McGuinness, Bruce Wayne, Gotham, Batman Beyond, False Face, Matt McGuinness, Melanie Walker, shape shifter 9.0

Batman Beyond #33 Review

Batman Beyond has been unique in that it takes an even higher tech working against Terry and Bruce. Yes, “our” time Batman has had some incredible technology to overcome, but imagine this taking place pretty far in the future. It’s something few of us can imagine.

Review Batman Beyond #26 Review 9.0

Batman Beyond #26 Review

It took a long time before the Batman Beyond series actually featured the return of the Joker (hence the movie’s name), but it was well worth it. Batman Beyond #26 has brought Joker back again, and it’s a fascinating read!

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