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Review Silk #2 Review 6.0

Silk #2 Review

Silk is on the trail of whatever has been killing the gangs in her neighborhood, but she couldn’t begin to prepare for what she finds.  Your Major Spoilers review of Silk #2, awaits!

Review The Joker #1 Review 7.3

The Joker #1 Review

Now the most wanted man in the world, The Joker sets out on his newest chapter…  Your Major Spoilers review of The Joker #1 from DC Comics awaits!

Review 7.3

Demon Days: X-Men #1 Review

What if we took Marvel’s heroes and villains and put them into a different setting! Demon Days: X-Men #1 by Marvel comics explores what heroes in feudal Japan look like. Check out the Major Spoilers Review here! 

Review Rise of Ultraman #1 Review 7.3

Rise of Ultraman #1 (of 5) Review

In the year 1966, an alien from Nebula M78 arrived on Earth and bonded with a human host.  It’s happening again…  Your Major Spoilers review of Rise of Ultraman #1 from Marvel Comics awaits!

Sneak Peek Going to the Chapel #4

Going to the Chapel #4

The final installment of Going to the Chapel arrives in stores on Wednesday, and ahead of the release, we have a sneak peek of the issue, from Action Lab Entertainment, after the jump.

Review Green Lantern, Legacy, DC, DC Zoom, DC Ink, Kim Tran, John Stewart, Tai Pham, GN, graphic novel, Minh Le, Andre Tong, Sarah Stern, Ariana Maher, Lauren Bisom, Sinestro, Iolande, Corps, Far Sector, Coast City, Vietnamese-American, Xander Griffin, Serena, Tommy, 9.0

Green Lantern: Legacy Review

Green Lantern: Legacy is the latest in a series of DC young adult graphic novels, and it focuses on how kindness and leadership can influence communities and the people living there. Take the jump for your Major Spoilers review of the book from DC Zoom.

Review Outpost Zero #14 Review 10.0

Outpost Zero #14 Review

It’s been a long and harrowing journey, but Sam and Alea made contact with the creature that lives beneath them. What will they learn about it…and themselves? Find out in Outpost Zero #14 from Image Comics!

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