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Warner Bros. announces new DC Showcase animated shorts

One of the big draws in the early days of the DC Animated Movie Universe was getting those really awesome short subjects ahead of the main feature. Yesterday, Warner Bros. announced five new shorts will appear between now and late 2020.  First up, Sgt. Rock…

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Superman #4 Review

I’ve speculated on how Mr. Bendis would do on writing Superman for DC in the past. Honestly, I wasn’t very sure how he’d handle one of the company’s biggest guns.

Well, if the fourth issue of Superman is any indication, I think the Man of Steel is in good hands.

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COMICS PORTAL: That $%@! Fifth Week!

Every once in a while, a month has a fifth week in it. March was just such a month! What’s a comics company to do when you’re set up on a four-week per month schedule?