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Sneak Peek Transformers #28

PREVIEW: Transformers #28

As the Decepticons take over important facilities in Iacon, it opens up an opportunity for a jailbreak! Will our heroes escape? Take the jump for this sneak peek of Transformers #28 from IDW Publishing.

Sneak Peek Sonic the Hedgehog #32

[Preview] Sonic the Hedgehog #32

The second half of the Metal Virus Saga epilogue plays out in Sonic the Hedgehog #32 from IDW Publishing. Take the jump for a preview of the issue that arrives in stores on Wednesday.

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Samurai Jack: Lost Worlds #3 Review

I always wondered why comics weren’t coming out with more adventures with Samurai Jack. After all, he wandered the future for a long time, and I doubted that every challenge he faced was included in the animated series.

Turns out I was right. In Samurai Jack: Lost Worlds, each issue has a complete story with Jack, and the books are very true to the show.

IDW Publishing Sonic the Hedgehog #1

[Solicitations] Sonic the Hedgehog dashing to comics this spring

At breakneck speed, IDW Publishing is fast approaching a brand new era of Sonic the Hedgehog comics starting with a new #1 issue. Anticipation for this exciting launch runs high and, as a way to express gratitude to the fans for their patience, the series will kick off with a new issue each and every Wednesday during the month of April. Following the release of the first four issues, the ongoing series will continue on a monthly release schedule from May onward.

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