Review The Wolf and The Crow #1 Review 9.7

The Wolf and The Crow #1 Review

In The Wolf and the Crow #1 from Action Lab Entertainment the Lotari Tribe are hungry.  The men are led on a dangerous mammoth hunt by their chief, Brod, while the women forage for fruit and roots.  But old tensions rise to the surface as Brod’s rival Bull questions his leadership.  Can the tribe come together to survive, or will darker impulses rule?  Find out in your latest Major Spoilers review!

Feature Top Five Scary Doctor Who Episodes

Top Five Scary Doctor Who Stories

Some of the strongest, most striking episodes of Doctor Who are those that have drunk deep of the horror well.  Ostensibly a children’s show, Doctor Who has often taken great delight in terrifying the kiddies.  In Britain, the term ‘behind the sofa’ is directly related to the show’s ability to send the watching kids scurrying for the safety of the rear of that comfortable piece of furniture, safe from the harrowing images on screen.

Review Stones #1 9.0

Stones #1 Review

Mysterious objects have descended from space and with them both prosperity and despair. But, the decision about which will happen lies with humanity. Your Major Spoilers review of Stones #1 from SnowyWorks awaits.