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Major Spoilers
Major Spoilers Week in Review

It was a pretty awesome week here at Major Spoilers as we celebrated our first birthday, got to see transformers, had the pleasure in reading a lot of comics. Sunday: See where Stephen’s passion for comics began with the Retro Review of World’s Finest #271, and Matthew checks in with another installment of Major Spoilers Hero History, this time checking out Dream Girl. Monday: Supergirl is elected leader, and the Transformers get the greeen light for a sequel even amongst controversy. Tuesday: It’s all about the big tour, as readers get their first look at Major Spoilers HQ. Did I…

Week in Review
Major Spoilers Week in Review

Here are some of the top items from this past week: Sunday: Hero History: Star Boy Monday: Action Comics #850 Review, Iron Man Cast Photo Tuesday: Omega Chase Sneak Peek, Heroes for Hire #11 Review Wednesday: Thunderbolts #115 Review Thursday: Countdown #45, X-Men #200 Review Friday: Marvel Zombies v. Army of Darkness #5 Sneak Peek, Green Lantern Sinestro Corps Special Review, Countdown #44 Review

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