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Fantastic Four Animated

We already know there is going to be another Fantastic Four animated series before the next moive (Fantastic Four and the Silver Surfer) hits the silver screen, but until today we didn’t have the date. Now we do – September 2, 2006 8:00 PM. Set those TiVos now, yo. Via Toon Zone (link)

Heroes to Debut on Yahoo! Before NBC

NBC has announced most of their fall line up will stream for free or be available via Netflix before airing on the peacock network. NBC entertainment president Kevin Reilly announced Friday that viewers can watch shows like Heroes, Friday Night Lights, and Studio 60 on the net. Even though the shows will contain commercials, NBC is hoping the buzz surrounding the announcement will pull them out of their fourth place standing. Heroes tells the story of ordinary people who wake up one morning with super powers. Throughout the season the heroes will attempt to connect with one another, but discover…

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