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OPINION: Why Is Wonder Woman Considered So “Tricky”?

Producers at the CW recently announced that they were shelving plans for a long-in-development live-action Wonder Woman series in order to concentrate on a small screen debut for The Flash.  Reactions to this news has been somewhat mixed, with many people weighing in on why this, in the parlance, “sucks” while others have wondered what is so tricky about DC’s #3 character…

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OPINION: The best parts of San Diego Comic-Con that don’t get press

The San Diego Comic-Con gets a bad rap, especially from those who attend it (or at least try to) each and every year. Despite what you may have read, the Con is much more than press releases from movie studios and not showering. If you mapped the hobbies/areas-of-interest covered by SDCC, you would have a 52-dimensional Venn diagram that Grant Morrison would describe as “too convoluted to wrap my head around”. Somewhere in that diagram is what you are into, whoever you are. If you want to camp out all night to see a preview of Twilight, fine (although you…

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COMICS PORTAL: Moving Away from Trades

For years, comic books have suffered from what has been called “trade paperback-itis.” Many stories have been told in the exact number of issues made to fit inside a “graphic novel” or “trade” format. Well, it seems like times, they might be a-changing.

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COMICS PORTAL: Getting Caught up on Trades

It may come as a surprise to some folks, but even I can’t keep current on everything I’m interested in! So, when I actually got some free time recently, I dug into my stack of unread trades and pulled out some stories about women that I hadn’t yet experienced. I thought I’d share my reactions to them with you this week, but be warned – they were released some time ago!

‘Iron Man 3’ Is The Saga’s Most Successful Pic Yet

Whether “Iron Man 3” deserves the hype or not may be beside the point. Its ticket sales alone are newsworthy and is on track to make more money at the box office than the first two movies combined. To give you an idea of how much more money Tony Stark is stuffing into his coffers, think of it this way — “Iron Man 3” made $72 million in its second weekend, $22 million more than runner up “The Great Gatsby,” and more than the next top eight combined, notes Yahoo News. What’s more impressive than the huge numbers is that this…

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COMICS PORTAL: Getting More Out of My Comics Convention

In the last couple of years, I’ve attended more comics and sci-fi conventions than I ever have before! This year, I’ll be attending my usual local SF cons (geek-speak shortening for “conventions”), including Farpoint and Shore Leave, both located north of Baltimore in Maryland. I’ve been going to those for years! However, I ventured out into unfamiliar territory by going to cons in San Diego and New York City during 2011. I found they are much bigger events than I’m used to. I knew going into them that they would be learning experiences, and boy, were they!

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COMICS PORTAL: My Justice League movie

The movie of the summer for me will be Man of Steel, and I can’t wait until it swoops into theaters on June 11. I think the commercials look awesome! (I did enjoy Iron Man 3, by the way!) Word has it that Henry Cavill will appear in the upcoming Justice League film, so if Man of Steel is a big success, maybe Superman can help launch the long-desired JL movie. Since we have some time to consider how to move forward, what’s the best thing to do? Fortunately, I have a few ideas…

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