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The Good Asian #3 Review 9.0

Edison Hark is still looking for Ivy Chen but there are rumors that Hui Long, a Tong Member, is back in town. Follow Hark as he figures out this mystery in The Good Asian #3 by Image Comics! 

Review That Texas Blood #7 Review
That Texas Blood #7 Review 9.0

In That Texas Blood #7, a new arc takes us back to 1981, the scene of a ghastly triple murder that sees Sheriff Joe Bob on his first major investigation.  Is the occult involved?  Find out in your next mighty Major Spoilers review!

Sneak Peek Skybound X #4
First Look: Skybound X #4

Image Comics and Skybound have released a first look at the upcoming Skybound X #4 featuring the first appearance of Sea Serpent’s Heir, and the next chapter of “Rick Grimes 2000.”

Review Vinyl #1 Review
Vinyl #1 Review 8.0

Here’s a question, what happens when a serial killer, an ex-FBI agent, and a cult find themselves all on a collision course? Your Major Spoilers review of Vinyl #1 awaits!

Review Stray Dogs #5 Review
Stray Dogs #5 Review 9.0

It started with Sophie, but now Earl remembers how the Master brought him home. But what can several frantic dogs do against an experienced killer? Find out in the thrilling conclusion of Stray Dogs #5 from Image Comics!

Review Shadecraft #4 Review
Shadecraft #4 Review 9.7

Zadie realizes she has power over shadows and, with Angela’s help, starts to learn to control them. But is Shadow-Ricky really her brother, or just one of shadows? Find out in Shadecraft #4 from Image Comics!

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