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FRIDAY SING-ALONG: Comic-Con Cosplay Party (NSFW)

It’s the Friday before Comic-Con begins, which means the paraody songs about the big event are starting to hit the Intardwebz. Stage 5 TV took it upon themselves to parody Miley Cyrus’s “We Can’t Stop,” which asks the questions, ” What would happen if Miley Cyrus showed up unannounced to your Comic-Con cosplay party?”  Well, if Cyrus’ hit video for “We Can’t Stop” is any indication then things could get a little crazy. It’s a bit NSFW, so prepare yourself if you decide to play it during your morning meetings.

Friday Sing-Along
FRIDAY SING-ALONG: Game of Thrones on violin

Hope everyone is enjoying the new season of Game of Thrones on HBO (That’s Home Box Office for anyone younger than 21). Though we usually reserve the Friday Sing-Along for bits that actually feature singing, we love showing off pop culture focused music whenever we can. With that in mind, Game of Thrones, on violin, by one guy.

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