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Next Major Spoilers Live Chat Sunday February 16, 2014

The next Major Spoilers Live Chat is scheduled for Sunday, February 16, 2014 at 1:30 PM CDT for our Gold Members. Stephen and Zach are going to sit down and do a LEGO build this month, and it’s your chance to talk with Stephen and Zach about anything related to Major Spoilers or whatever is on your mind! If you aren’t a VIP Gold Member, sign up now and join in on the live stream this Sunday.

RETRO REVIEW: Fantastic Four #118 (January 1972)

Or – “What Happens AFTER An Iconic Run…” Legendary creators Jack Kirby and Stan Lee did a notorious one-hundred-four issue run on Fantastic Four in the Silver Age, a feat that was almost as amazing then as it is now.  Of course, the creators who picked up the reins with #105 had a pretty tough row to hoe, and few of the events of the immediate-post Kirby run have long-lasting ramifications.  Of course, depending on your definition of “ramifications” (and possibly your definition of “long-lasting”) there are some interesting bits and pieces in these less-iconic seventies comics…  Your Major Spoilers…

RETRO REVIEW: Superman #22 (October 1988)

Or – “I Hear There’s This Movie Thing…” As often remarked on the Major Spoilers Podcast, I don’t necessarily rush out to see any movie, even those based on the comic books that I enjoy.  As such, I often hear all about the films long before I check them out myself, such as with the recent release of ‘Man Of Steel,’ whose plot-points have caused many fanboys to name-check a certain 25-year-old Superman issue.  Quarter-century old comics?  This looks like a job for ME!  Your Major Spoilers (retro) review awaits!

REVIEW: Lost Vegas #2

Roland is a down-on-his-luck space gambler and card cheat. With a large debt to pay off, he is forced to serve on the casino/prison spaceship, Lost Vegas. So far he has served five years as a servant busing tables and working for tips. Since he does not want to work at Lost Vegas forever, Roland has other plans. He hopes to escape Lost Vegas by cheating money from the casino and buying a ship. He also has help from a few friends: Ink, a telepathic, black goo alien; Rinny, the Lost Vegas mechanic; and Loria, a Lost Vegas card dealer.…

Dungeons And Dragons
GAMING: Apps for Dungeons and Dragons

I’m a total technophile, so when I started playing Dungeons and Dragons I immediately wanted to find out how I could make my life easier with my various devices. Turns out there are lots of different helpful tools for both Android and iOS if you’re a tabletop gamer!

REVIEW: Great Pacific #2

Chas Worthington III, a modern-day Sam Houston, has begun to explore his new garbage island and, beyond his measurements of depth and density he’s come across the last thing he expected to find on the Great Pacific Gyre: People. Read on in this Major Spoilers review.

comic convention
Semi-Homemade Costumes for Comic-Con

If you are planning to head to San Diego for Comic-Con 2012, you will need a costume that sets you apart from the crowd. Store-bought costumes are an easy choice, but chances are that at least one other attendee will be wearing the exact same outfit. You may think about making your own costume at home, but crafting a suitable costume from scratch can be a daunting and time-consuming task. To get the best of both worlds, consider combining various store-bought elements to create your own unique look for Comic-Con.

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