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Top Ten Stories You Missed While the Site was Down

In case you didn’t notice, the website was down for the last two weeks thanks to a massive attack on our servers, which forced us to move to a new hosting provider that can better handle such Internet problems. The last two weeks were also filled with major news in the comic book, movie, and pop culture industries – when it rains, it pours.  Instead of ignoring those important stories, and acting like the last two weeks didn’t happen, the staff at Major Spoilers has compiled a list of the top ten stories we missed while the site was down.

FLASHBACK: The Flash is Born (S1E6)

This week we get the origin of the Flash’s name, and in the process, we get a look at the Golden Age Flash. Didn’t catch it in this week’s episode of The Flash? Good thing Major Spoilers has a Flashback to refresh your memory.

Flash Back: Going Rogue (S1E4)

Another great episode of The Flash aired last night on The CW, and we have studied the episode frame by frame and bring you another rundown of the Easter eggs and possible spoilers you may have missed during the episode.

comic convention
SDCC’14: Top 10 Stories from Comic-Con 2014 #sdcc

It was a very crazy couple of days in Southern California as the San Diego Comic Con took over the city. With movie stars, cosplayers, comic professionals, and hundreds of thousands of fans in attendance, there was certain to be some big news revealed at the show. With the hundreds of stories posted over the last couple of days, Major Spoilers runs down the Top Ten Stories from Comic-Con 2014.

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