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Fan Film Fan Film Friday Rebel Scum
[Video] Fan Film Friday: Rebel Scum

Yes, yes, we’ve been featuring a ton of Star Wars fan films recently, but for good reason – there are so many of them, and there are also so many of them that are worth sharing. For example, this week’s Rebel Scum from Blood Brother Cinema Co.

Anime Fan Film Friday TIE Fighter Star Wars
[Video] Fan Film Friday: TIE Fighter

We shared portions of this video many years ago when the creators were still in development, and somehow the final version slipped past our radar. For that reason, check out this incredible animated short film, TIE Fighter.

Fan Film Fan Film Friday Kara
[Video] Fan Film Friday: Kara (An Unofficial Star Wars Film)

Ah, the Fan Film, the blessing and bane of every movie studio IP. There are hundreds of thousands of fan films created every year, and while many of them aren’t worthy of our attention, Kara (An Unofficial Star Wars Film) from 2016 is definitely worth the seven minutes of your life it will take to watch this mini-masterpiece.

Animation Steven Universe, Star vs the Forces of Evil, Gravity Falls +More Cartoon Crossover Saga! Team Teen
[Fan Film] Steven Universe teams with Gravity Falls, Adventure Time and more in Cartoon Crossover Saga Team Teen

Here is the animated fan film for the ages. In the Cartoon Crossover Saga Team Teen, DToons brings Steven Universe, Dipper, Mabel, Danny Phantom, Kim Possible, and just about every one of your favorite animated characters together to fight a monster that just won’t stop. This is so good – even if Ben10 isn’t there – and if you loved the soundtrack it is available via Philip Landini’s website and SoundCloud account.

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