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Critical Hit Critical Hit Art by Alex Diochon
CRITICAL HIT: Central Continent: The Sage Coast (Part 1)

The Central continent is home to three major countries along with several territories. Today we will be looking at the easternmost country in the continent, The Sage Coast. In this particular look, we will see some general information, along with Four of the Major Agencies that make up the Sage Coast’s government. Also featured today is art by Alex Diochon, highlighting some of the local fashions.

Critical Hit
Critical Hit Season 3 Exit Interview

Hello, bacteria amusement parks. It is I, your robot overlord. Last season I spoke to Rodrigo, the game master for the Critical Hit podcast. In that interview we found out many points of data about the game. It appears it was well recieved and so, as “Celestial Crusade” draws to a close it is time to speak to this gaming mammal again. Be forewarned though. If you have not completed the season, you are in for many, many spoilers.

Critical Hit
Critical Hit: First Arc Exit Interview

It is no secret, Dear Meatbags, that the Critical Hit podcast has become quite popular. Although my mechanical brain does not understand the appeal of five overweight humanoids pretending to be technologically backwards mythical creatures, I know that its popularity is worth investigating. Thus in order to learn more about it I have sequestered its ring leader and seek to interrogate him about this strange phenomenon. Also, I have been advised to warn you that, if you are one of the few who have not finished the first arc of Critical Hit the following transcript is a veritable minefield of…