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Top Five Doctor Who Debut Seasons

It’s relatively easy to pick the best debut story for any new Doctor.  ‘Power of the Daleks’ anyone?  Or perhaps ‘The Eleventh Hour’ floats your boat?  But it’s a much tougher task to rank the best debut season/series (the former for the classic era, the latter for the modern era) as there can be quite a lot of variability in quality.  But I am here to attempt this formidable task, for all you wonderful Spoilerites!

Feature Top Five Scary Doctor Who Episodes
Top Five Scary Doctor Who Stories

Some of the strongest, most striking episodes of Doctor Who are those that have drunk deep of the horror well.  Ostensibly a children’s show, Doctor Who has often taken great delight in terrifying the kiddies.  In Britain, the term ‘behind the sofa’ is directly related to the show’s ability to send the watching kids scurrying for the safety of the rear of that comfortable piece of furniture, safe from the harrowing images on screen.

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