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Review Cosmo the Mighty Martian #1 Review
Cosmo the Mighty Martian #1 Review 8.3

Cosmo and his crew have uncovered another despicable plan of the evil Queen Hesper! Can they Mighty Martian and his crew uncover the plan and spoil it before the Venusians get the upper hand, or will they have to use extra lives? COSMO THE MIGHTY MARTIAN #1 is on store shelves now from Archie Comics!

Review Jughead's Time Police #5 Review
Jughead’s Time Police #5 Review 8.0

Separated from his friends and facing the evil 1940’s Jughead Jones, the current Jughead must confront himself in an all out battle save all of time and space! Oh yeah, its about to get timey-whimey up in here! JUGHEAD’S TIME POLICE #5 from Archie Comics!

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