Author Christopher Rondeau

Christopher Rondeau is a storyteller based in Tulsa, OK. Finding himself with little work, he ended up creating a job as a Game Master full time on the internet. Chris spends most of his days reading everything he can, writing bad fiction, and watching old Digimon cartoons with his daughter. Sometimes you can find him Dungeon Mastering a podcast or streaming on twitch. Recently, he has completed his Master's degree with a focus on collaborative storytelling. Find out more at

Review 9.0

The Good Asian #3 Review

Edison Hark is still looking for Ivy Chen but there are rumors that Hui Long, a Tong Member, is back in town. Follow Hark as he figures out this mystery in The Good Asian #3 by Image Comics! 

Review 6.0

Midnight Western Theatre #2 Review

Ortensia Thomas, the woman in black, has discovered a peculiar church. Find out if she and her right hand man Alexander, can survive this house of God in Midnight Western Theatre #2 by Scout Comics! 

Review 9.0

By the Horns #3 Review

Elodie is on a quest to kill all the unicorns. Suddenly, she was forced to work with unicorns to defeat a sorcerer. Find out if Elodie will befriend these unicorns or succumb to revenge in By the Horns #3 by Scout Comics! 

Review 7.0

Black Cat Annual #1 Review

Felicia Hardy needs a vacation. As she heads to some R&R, Felicia is arrested by the White Fox! Find out how she gets out of this ordeal in Black Cat Annual #1 by Marvel Comics! 

Review 8.0

X-Men Legends #4 Review

Returns to the 1980s run of the X-Factor! The X-Factor is fighting Cameron Hodge who has been turned into a robot by Apocalypse. Find out if they survive in X-Men Legends #4 by Marvel Comics! 

Review 7.7

ExtraOrdinary #1 Review

ExtraOrdinaries are people who were close to death but survived. That traumatic experience gives them amazing abilities that defy reality. Find out more in ExtraOrdinary #1 by Titan Comics! 

Review 9.0

Good Luck #1 Review

What if Luck is a resource to spend? Something that every person has and can use? The Unfortunates are born with no luck, but they are our last hope. Find out in Good Luck #1 by BOOM! Studios! 

Review 10.0

Way of X #3 Review

A terrifying foe has infected Krakoa and only Nightcrawler and Legion are aware of it. Will they be able to make it through the Hellfire Gala without blurting out the truth? Find out in Way of X #3 by Marvel Comics! 

Review 7.3

Demon Days: Mariko #1 Review

Peach Momoko returns with another interpretation of the Marvel Universe! Come see demons, spirits, and other reimagining of your favorite characters in Demon Days: Mariko #1 by Marvel Comics!

Review 8.7

Heroes Reborn #7 Review

The Squadron Supreme of America has reassembled after this new Avenger threat is here. Will the Avengers be able to fight for their own reality? Find out in Heroes Reborn #7 by Marvel Comics! 

Review Planet Size X-Men #1 Review 7.7

Planet-Size X-Men #1 Review

The arrival of Arakko has caused discord with the governments of Earth. Mutantkind must enact a daring plan to keep the peace. See what they accomplish together in Planet-Size X-Men #1 by Marvel Comics! 

Review 9.0

The Good Asian #2 Review

A hatchet murder weapon indicates that the Tongs may be back in San Francisco! Never fear, Detective Edison Hark is on the case in The Good Asian #2 by Image Comics! 

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