Robyn has fought through all types of cults and psychopaths, but will that be enough to stop her from becoming a trophy to a hunter? Find out in Robyn Hood: Night of the Hunter by Zenescope Entertainment!


Writer: Joe Brusha
Artist: Rodrigo Xavier
Colorist: Juan Manuel Rodriguez
Letterer: Taylor Esposito
Editor: David Wohl
Publisher: Zenescope Entertainment
Cover Price: $5.99
Release Date: September 29th, 2021 

Previously in Robyn Hood: Robyn is a great archer who uses her skills to protect people. Not only that, she has magical powers that she doesn’t understand. Lately, she has been training with Smitty to become physically stronger, but it seems like the worst challenge has yet to come.


Robyn Hood: Night of the Hunter begins with a mysterious man wanting Robyn’s head as a trophy. He sends his daughter to hunt and kill Robyn to add to his collection. Meanwhile, Robyn is training with Smitty and excelling at her marksmanship. Smitty decides that it is time for a vacation and takes Robyn to Montana for a couple days of R&R. Robyn begins to get some rest until she notices a crash and an explosion in the distance. When she goes and explores, she meets the Scarlet Viper who tells her that she is going to die tomorrow. Robyn returns back to her cabin to see that Smitty has left her to deal with this problem alone.

Donning her suit and bow, she goes off to fight the hunter but is poisoned by her. After falling in a river, she makes it to shore and sleeps off the poison. When she wakes up, Scarlet Viper is waiting and they being to cross blades. With the residual poison still in her veins, Robyn begins to lose. Suddenly, her eye begins to burn off the poison in her body and she recovers and defeats the Scarlet Viper. She realizes that she has needs to learn how to use her gifts and spares the Viper.


There have been a lot of Robyn Hood one-shots lately that have told great stories that seemed to set up potential future storylines. These ideas are incredibly engaging, and I want to read more. Robyn Hood: Night of the Hunter does the same thing. It tells a great hook for what could be a great direction for the title character but I don’t know if we will ever see any resolution. It is like I am getting a bunch of inciting incidents but never continuing to the larger plot. And maybe that is the nature of the Zenescope Entertainments model now, but I want a deeper and longer plot for this character. Hopefully we will get it soon because I am sure there is something being set up here.

I am excited to see what direction Robyn is going as a character. Her getting a personal trainer seems to be a solid step in asking for help. Perhaps next series, we will see another large cross over that will span more than a single comic.


Robyn Hood: Night of the Hunter seems to set up another great storyline. But we have seen a lot of cool hooks recently and I want a commitment to a longer storyline soon. This is a 4 out of 5 for me and I will continue to watch and see what Zenescope publishes.

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Robyn Hood: Night of the Hunter

Another Good Hook

Robyn Hood: Night of the Hunter is a great introduction to another good storyline from Zenescope Entertainment.

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