Ever since the debut of Robin in 1940, The Batman has gone through a number of partners, including half a dozen Robins, a few Robots, a string of Bat-Girls, and even The Signal.  He had a long partnership with Superman, several shorter ones with the first Batwoman, Catwoman, and The Outsiders, and hired an international team of heroes to serve as his allies and agents in the field.  Whether it’s the Justice League, the Club of Heroes, or the endless team-ups of The Brave and The Bold, anybody who says he’s a loner clearly hasn’t been paying attention, leading to today’s co-dependent query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) is so old-school that I still consider Superman to be the most appropriate answer for me; they aren’t called the World’s Finest Team for nothin’, asking: Which Dark Knight sidekick, second banana or belligerent love-interest makes for the Best Bat-Partner?


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  1. I’ll suggest two.
    Tim Drake for getting Bruce Wayne / Batman out of his self-destructive funk.
    Damian Wayne for initially being an unlikable snot and growing more interesting/likeable over time. He was the perfect partner for Dick Grayson / Batman.

  2. Daniel Langsdale on

    Alfred Pennyworth. So many modern iterations of the Batman could never have become the Batman without his support and guidance. While Bruce has picked up many skills along the way, do you think he knows what it takes to get grease and sweat stains out of kevlar?

    • Kind of a trick question, since Batman is less likely to look for the perfect partner, and more a perfect subordinate or employee. I suppose Tim Drake comes closest, since what I’ve read seems to suggest he has the most strengths with the least amount of pushback when Bruce is in one of his moods (not even Alfred can take that much of Bruce’s BS). Everybody else seems to assert their own agency and independence at some point, and I suppose Tim does too, but with a lot less yelling like you get out of Dick, Damian or Selina. I think Damian rips off the Robin R and stomps off at least twice in that Grant Morrison Batman and Robin series

  3. I know it will be bending the rules a little bit but I am going in another direction.
    I am going to say Wayne Manor/ Batcave/ Batmobile. Would he even be batman with out those? There are times when I wonder if the batcave is a sentient entity itself. And the way he is with the Batmobile, it is at times a more intimate relationship than with Catwoman.
    If you really want to limit to a “Living Person”….. it would be Dick . no one (other than maybe Alfred) has had more influence and insight into the life of the bat, and bruce as well.

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