Broadcast TV may be abandoning the sitcom, but comic book publisher Binge Books is picking up the slack with its humor imprint, Sitcomics. The first Sitcomics release through Diamond Comics will be the vampire comedy Super ‘Suckers #1 by Emmy-nominated sitcom writer Darin Henry (“Seinfeld,” “Futurama”) and veteran cartoonist Jeff Shultz (Betty & Veronica).

Super Suckers #1“Super ‘Suckers is a romantic, horror soap-com about two college students who get a rare STD called ‘Vampire,’ which forces them into the world of suck buddies and fang caps,” said creator and Binge Books publisher, Darin Henry. “ If you like to laugh, you won’t want to miss it because I’m drawing on my twenty-five years of sitcom writing experience, and Jeff is drawing on high-quality paper.”

Binge Books’ debut release, The Heroes Union #1, became the first comic book in over a decade to feature the Comics Code Authority Seal on its cover, but the company’s follow-up title Super ‘Suckers has been determined to contain content not in accordance with the standards for carrying the seal.

This release marks Super ‘Suckers’ Diamond Comics debut, earning the distributor’s vaunted “spotlight” status with all-new cover art featuring an homage to rock band Kiss’ fourth studio album, “Destroyer.” Each perfect-bound copy of Super ‘Suckers #1 will also include a unique ‘Suck Army Serial Number’ on its back cover. As a Halloween treat, Arizona comics retailer Samurai Comics will hold a drawing to give away a page of original art from the story to one customer who purchases Super ‘Suckers #1 from its stores.

“Our comic shelves can get crowded with all the titles being put out, so it’s always exciting when we get a chance to feature a fun new title like Super ‘Suckers,” says Mike Banks, owner of Samurai Comics. “We thought it would be cool to use the individual numbering to raffle an original art page and reward one of our customers for giving a new series a try!”

In keeping the imprint’s “TV you read” motto, the 68-page, premiere “episode” of Super ‘Suckers #1 also features hilarious Sit-Commercial breaks with art by indie comics legend Jason Yungbluth, Hollywood commercial artist Renee Reeser Zelnick and New Yorker cartoonist Lonnie Millsap. Super ‘Suckers #1, along with other Binge Books and Sitcomics releases, will be distributed by Diamond Comics. To learn more, please visit

Super ‘Suckers #1
Written by Darin Henry, Art by Jeff Schultz
Distributed by Diamond Comics|Order Code: JUL211449
On Sale 9/29/2021
68 Pages | For Teens and Up | $4.99
Binge Books’ SitComics imprint, Super ‘Suckers #1, is a hilarious, 68-page standalone classic from Seinfeld writer Darin Henry & cartoonist Jeff Shultz (Betty & Veronica). College students Jess and Kelly catch a rare STD called “vampire” just as a sexy but deadly vampire slayer hits town! To stay alive, they must figure out what vampires do out of the shadows with help from their new “suck buddy” Stewart, and Vera, the exhibitionist roommate from hell! With laugh-out-loud Sit-Commercials drawn by Renee Reeser Zelnick, Jason Yungbluth and New Yorker artist Lonnie Millsap, Super ‘Suckers #1 is TV you read!

About Binge Books
Binge Books is a new comic book company that is tailored for today’s audiences used to “bingeing” their favorite content. Created by veteran TV writer, Darin Henry (“Seinfeld,” “Futurama”), Binge Books brings 21st century characters to 21st century readers created by iconic writers and artists. The Heroes Union #1, and other soon-to-be-announced Binge Books releases, are distributed by Diamond Comics. To learn more, please visit


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