In a previous life, when I worked late nights in television, I would occasionally get creeped out by production company logos, especially around midnight, after an episode of Poltergeist or The Outer LimitsViacom and Paramount Productions logos were particular offenders, while Screen Gems’ logo still creeps my kid out after episodes of The Monkees.  My own production company, back when I made commercials and videos and such, was known as Big Red M Productions (“Where Quality Is One Of Many Words We Know!”), while OtterDisaster was briefly known as Blue Frog Productions.  Neither of our logos were terrifying, in deference to those Master Control engineers who might see our works in the dead of night, leading to today’s vanity card query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) still sort of misses my days in TV, until I remember the late nights, early mornings and the legendary Sandwich of Ivan Jensen, a long story that you should ask me about on Twitter some time,, asking: What name would you give YOUR hypothetical production company?


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