35 years after his debut, The Noid has returned to Domino’s Pizza commercials this week, reminding me that I’m apparently ancient and that the world wants to mock me for my decrepitude.  Still, at least he’s now CGI rather than the horrifying Claymation of my youth, which makes his adventures further from the proverbial uncanny valley and making it almost pleasant to see the masked pizza thief again.  I wouldn’t mind seeing The Great Root Bear or the AAU Shuperstar returning to action, either, leading to today’s registered trademark query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) hasn’t seen Ronald or any of the McDonaldland crew for a few years, not since the Sexy Hamburglar incident of 2012, asking: What commercial mascot of yore do most want to see make a comeback like The Noid?


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  1. Let’s bring back the original Chuck-E-Cheese with a vest, two-tone bowler hat and a cigar. While we are at it, bring back the low-budget animatronic version of him on stage.

  2. Daniel Langsdale on

    Mr. Whipple. He understood squeezable cushiony softness. Not like some in-the-woods cartoon bears.

  3. Not that they ever went away, but i feel like the time is right for a gritty public domain monster cereal reboot. Your Count Choculas, your Frankenberries, your Fruit Brutes, your Boo Berries, your Yummies Mummy….maybe i dunno, give em all a tragic backstory or something. Maybe some sort of shared Monster Cereal Aisle Universe…

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