Sometimes, in comics, things move pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it. Welcome to Ten Things: Ten Super Speedsters!

Whooshman-Bicarbonate Films, in conjunction with An Amateur Comics Historian and The Cosmic Treadmill, Presents:



The original take on an evil Flash from the Crime Syndicate, Earth-3’s villainous Justice League, Johnny’s real name was never revealed. What we do know is that, while his speed powers are inherent, his special helmet enhances them greatly, allowing him to take over his world, with the assistance of his teammates. Most of his publication history was spent in one form of prison or another, until his death along with everyone else on Earth-3 during the Crisis on Infinite Earths.

9) JOG

A member of The Revolutionaries, a team of superhumans whose lives were damaged by The Suicide Squad, Samuel Song was inducted into the Squad’s ranks, and proceeded to try and destroy them from within. Initially only able to use his speed in short bursts (hence the name), Jog was killed in action, then resurrected by The Black Racer, who revealed that Samuel is his son. After his revival, Jog’s super-speed seems to be unlimited, what with being an Apokaliptian demi-god and such.


Our #10 entry today isn’t the ONLY evil speedster from the mirror universe in play, as this Qwardian (real name unrevealed) arrived on Earth as part of Claire Montgomery’s second Conglomerate team.  Thanks to an unwitting pawn, Slipstream and his teammates, all auxiliary members of the Crime Syndicate (though not the same Crime Syndicate as Johnny), came to Earth to destroy the Justice League. It’s all very complicated, but suffice to say that Wally West, the second Flash, dealt with his super-speed perfidy quickly.


The self-dubbed Quickest Guy Alive, Terry Huang gained his speed from a strange portal to “The God-Realm”, which infused him with the essence of pure speed. As a member of The Sentinels, he works with Lady Luck and The Raven, among others, to punch evil, even once traveling through time to save the universe by NOT saving Julius Caesar from assassination. Rather than running fast, Crimson Streak actually warps time and space around him, explaining his ability to operate at literally impossible velocities and still process information.


After creating a nanotechnology solution to curb the epileptic seizures she had experienced since her youth, Jessica Carver found herself able to channel her body’s excess bioelectricity, giving her not only electrokinesis but superhuman speed. Initially uncomfortable with her powers, Dynamo was finally forced to put on a costume to stop another scientist from selling government technology, discovering that she truly enjoyed the superhero lifestyle.


A star athlete at Dravrah University (GO NOSMIRC!), Dash Dartwell was given special pills by his bio-chem professor that enhanced his speed and strength. As unethical as that seems, he used them not only to fight crime, but to win track and field competitions with rival Elay U. (The Dover Boys would NOT approve.) The Human Meteor’s career was so short that he never even got a costume, possibly because of Harvey Comics’ competing hero of the same name.


After a near-fatal gunshot injury, Rebecca Madison was saved thanks to top-secret military technology that gave her superhuman speed. She spent her youth on the run from the criminals who would misuse her powers, growing up to become a silver-clad superhero who was now faster than the thing that nearly took her life. It’s a pretty dramatic concept, and I really like her color scheme.


Once known as Iyara, girl sidekick of the superhero Fast-Track, Adigun Ryder lost his legs in the line of duty. While recuperating, Adi realized what made him so impulsive was dissatisfaction with his life and identity, and began transitioning. With his new outlook (and new bionic legs), he took on the new alias Shango, after a Yoruba deity, and set off on a new superhero career, eventually joining The Pride.

It’s the helmet that sells the whole ensemble for me.


Another time/space warper, Gabrial Cohuelo was a wealthy child of privilege when his mutant powers suddenly manifested. As one of the first new mutants since the M-Day event, Velocidad’s powers ran out of control and were stabilized by Hope Summers, who recruited him into her team, The Five Lights. When last seen, he had become a member of the Morlocks and died at the hands of Wolverine. I haven’t yet seen him as one of the resurrected mutants on Krakoa, but that doesn’t necessarily mean anything, as mutants don’t really stay dead anymore.


The giant combining mecha of Kousoku Sentai Turboranger, Turbo Robo can achieve running speeds of nearly 500 miles per hour and has a number of high-velocity finishing moves, such as the Turbo Crash attack. The first all-vehicle Robo in Super Sentai history, the scale of its component parts is puzzling, as the hood of the Turbo GT seems larger than the entirety of Turbo Jeep and Turbo Buggy. Then again, arguing scale in any giant robot scenario is a fast path to madness, so let’s just breathe and repeat the MST3K Mantra.

Once again, this week’s topic, Ten Super Speedsters, is all me, but feel free to follow along @MightyKingCobra to suggest your own! There’s always more Ten Things madness on my Twitter or check out the full Twitter archive here! As with any set of like items, these aren’t meant to be hard and fast or absolutely complete, if only because every fifth new character has to be a speedster.  It’s the law.  Either way, the comments section is below for just such an emergency, but, as always: Please, no wagering!

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  1. No disrespect to Gabriel Cohuelo, but I was kinda hoping Velocidad was in the “Middle Aged Man” type of vein.

    Blinding speed from a heavyset 54 year old in a short sleeved button up shirt and khakis.

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