I’ve long said that, if I could have any super power, I would have super speed.  But, the big problem with that comes in the fact that, even if you’re running at the speed of sound, you’re still *RUNNING*.  That’s like exercise, and I’m not really a fan of that.  Perhaps it’d be better to have my own super hovercraft or a powerful car/tank thing like Batman always drives, because cannons on the front of your car don’t count as guns for some reason.  I’ve started wondering if super speed or a super vehicle would be better and I’ve decided to let the Spoilerites decide, leading to today’s high velocity query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) could really get behind a Street Hawk or a Knight Rider situation, asking: Super Speed or a Super Vehicle?


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  1. Super speed. The exertion of *running* is definitely worth getting to your destination faster than any vehicle, super or no. Also the food Bill’s to refuel yourself is still probably only a fraction of however much it’ll cost to refuel your vehicle each time.

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