Here’s the thing you need to know about your humble MS-QOTD: I’ve been watching ‘Saturday Night Live’ since Gilbert Gottfried was a cast member, and in those 40 years, I’ve heard that the show isn’t funny anymore about seven-hundred-fifty-thousand times.  The real deal is that every season is different, some are great, some are meh, but there’s always a gem to be found, like Eddie Murphy in 1980 or Chris Farley a decade later.  The last few years have been pretty solid, but I’ve always found Cecily Strong to be the best SNL cast member overall, simply because she can do subtle as well as loud, and also I have a huge crush on her.  I am also a massive fan of the late John Belushi, classic Dennis Miller and deep thinker Jack Handey, leading to today’s repertory query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) reminds Faithful Spoilerites that the list includes Iron Man Robert Downey, Jr., future tinfoil hat wearer Randy Quaid, the amazing Jenny Slate and the guy who voices Panda on ‘We Bare Bears’, asking: Who is your personal Best SNL Cast Member in history?


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  1. Daniel Langsdale on

    It’s got to be Chevy Chase. He pioneered Weekend Update and lampooning the President (Ford at the time), two things that have arguably become the biggest hallmarks of the show.

  2. As with many things, “your” SNL is generally the one you grew up on, and my SNL was the mid-late 90s, when i was in middle/high school. As much as i outgrew him and hos style of comedy, it’s hard not to pick Will Ferrell. He was just such an unavoidable force during the height of my watching the show.

    If i could pick from any era though, Phil Hartman, Gilda Radner and Steve Martin are a hell of a top 3 dream team.

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