The best day of the week just got a lot better with a new round of awesome comics arriving in stores this week. Staff members at Major Spoilers are here to help you with your comic book selection this week, with their roundup of comics they recommend.

Writer: Evan Dorkin and Sarah Dyer
Artist: Benjamin Dewey
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
Cover Price: $3.99
SOLICITATION: After a horrific attack from an army of crawling, disembodied heads threatening Japan; Emrys and his team of canine companions pick up a scent that leads them to bizarre shape-shifting tanuki, a cannibal witch, and a pack of badass Shiba Inus.

INGRID: Emrys the sheepdog continues his tale of adventure from post-war Japan. Imagine all the investigation, magic, and adventure we have seen with the Wise Dogs, but with the added richness of Japanese mythology. Dewey’s art is a terrific blend of realism and horror that really brings the story to life.



Writer: Steve Orlando
Artist: Davide Tinto
Publisher: Image Comics
Cover Price: $3.99
SOLICITATION: Despite the Crisis Command’s best efforts, reality is turning more toxic by the day. While Prizefighter runs with American Dreamer, Seer investigates the hidden origins of masked heroism. Can the Crisis Command learn fast enough to stop the Extinction Society from pushing Earth past the point of no return?


That is all.



DIE #16
Writer: Kieron Gillen
Artist: Stephanie Hans
Publisher: Image Comics
Cover Price: $3.99
SOLICITATION: “BLEED,” Part One-To go into the dark, you have to get to the dark. They never put a dungeon anywhere accessible, do they? Past sins haunt our party, and future sins permeate the landscape. DIE’s closing arc begins as we began: with regrets and screaming.

CHRISTOPHER: Die is one of my favorite series and I am glad to see that the title is finally back with a new story arc!



Writer: Pornsak Pichetshote
Artist: Alexandre Tefenkgi
Publisher: Image Comics
Cover Price: $3.99
SOLICITATION: Writer PORNSAK PICHETSHOTE’s long-awaited follow-up to the critically acclaimed INFIDEL with stunning art by ALEXANDRE TEFENKGI (OUTPOST ZERO)! Following Edison Hark-a haunted, self-loathing Chinese-American detective-on the trail of a killer in 1936 Chinatown, THE GOOD ASIAN is Chinatown noir starring the first generation of Americans to come of age under an immigration ban, the Chinese, as they’re besieged by rampant murders, abusive police, and a world that seemingly never changes.

CHRISTOPHER: I’ve been doing a lot of study about this time period and I’m excited to see a comic book take on it! I think this story is certain to be exciting.

INGRID: I love a good noir mystery, and I really like reading stories that dig deep into history for part of their inspiration. Centering the plot in Chinatown in the 1930’s with a Chinese-American detective sets up for a fascinating mystery with plenty of complications and a lot of challenges for the protagonist.

STEPHEN: A great book, and one that you need to have your life this week.

Writer: Jason Aaron
Artist: Ed McGuinness
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Cover Price: $5.99
SOLICITATION: Welcome to a world where Tony Stark never built an Iron Man armor. Where Thor is a hard-drinking atheist who despises hammers. Where Wakanda is dismissed as a myth. And where Captain America was never found in the ice because there were no Avengers to find him. Instead, this world has always been protected by Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, the Squadron Supreme of America. And now, the Squadron faces an attack from some of their fiercest enemies, like Dr. Juggernaut, the Black Skull, the Silver Witch and Thanos with his Infinity Rings. But why is the Daywalker Blade the one man alive who seems to remember that the entire world has somehow been… reborn?

MATTHEW: I’m leery of the price, but really wanting to know what Aaron and company have up their sleeves on this one. Their Avengers run has been a series of things I thought I’d hate that ended up being transformative, exciting or just plain fun and I haven’t enjoyed the Squadron Supreme this much since Gruenwald.

Writer: Conor McCreery
Artist: Vv Glass
Publisher: BOOM! Studios
Cover Price: $4.99
SOLICITATION: The final battle has arrived-Saoirse vs Badb! With the full power of the Cailleach against her, can Saoirse avenge her hometown and protect her family from further tragedy?

CHRISTOPHER: This is a great title and I’m sad to see that the final battle is already here.





Writer: Paul Grist
Artist: Andrea Di Vito
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Cover Price: $3.99
SOLICITATION: Doc Croc has defeated Union Jack and the team! But can this truly be the end of the line for our new heroes? Or can they receive one last push to pull it together?

MATTHEW: Another fun book that seemingly got canceled before it even got started, but at least you can enjoy the end of the tale and wait for them to get killed in the next big crossover. Even with this being the end, Union Jack is fun under Grist’s pen.

ROBOT OVERLORD: How can you have a beautiful ending without making beautiful mistakes?

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