Sometimes, in the course of our MS-QOTD, I get distracted by things.  Television, a song stuck in my head, hunger…  Usually hunger.  Tonight, my daughter has decided that we’re having breakfast for dinner and I’m distracted by the smell of scrambled eggs, likely with some cheese and avocado, and maybe some super-buttery toast.  As such, I can’t think about much other than eggs, leading to today’s soft-boiled query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) used to have fried eggs, but finds that nobody can do the perfect, crispy-edged sunny-side up that my Gramma used to make, asking: How do you take YOUR eggs?


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  1. There are far to many ways that I take my eggs to list them all.but here is just a sample.fried with pepper,scrambled, home made mcmuffin, quiche, omlete…etc

  2. Over easy all the way, runny yolk, couple pieces of rye or wheat toast, gimme some hot sauce and just leave the bottle.

    My ex used to make leftover spaghetti omelettes, and it was way, way better than it sounded.

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