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Deadpool 3 is Coming to the MCU

Deadline has reported that not only is Ryan Reynolds reprising his role as Wade Wilson in an upcoming Deadpool 3 movie, but that it will be produced by Marvel Studios, and it will be Rated R.

These key points have Deadpool fans taking to social media to celebrate the announcement without asking what I think are some important questions:

  • Will Deadpool 3 tie into the MCU? Presumably given the studio producing it, it must?
  • How much will it tie into the MCU?
  • Who is Marvel Studios going to keep/let go from the previous installments?

Fans are sure to be excited at Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige’s involvement after seeing how he helped revamp the Spider-Man franchise after coming on to help in the creative effort for that franchise.

Per Deadline, Reynolds, himself, tapped Bob’s Burgers scribes Wendy Molyneux and Lizzie Molyneux-Loeglin to handle scripting duties.

Writer meetings have been taking place over the past month with Reynolds recently meeting with a handful of writers to hear their pitches for the next installment. In the end, the studio and Reynolds saw the sisters’ take as the perfect fit for what they wanted. The film remains in early development, but the hiring of the Molyneux sisters does mark the first major step in getting the next Deadpool film into production.

((cut to: me cheering for a team of female screenwriters!))

An R-Rated superhero movie will definitely present a challenge to Marvel Studios (and Disney, by association), in ways neither we nor they could possibly fathom. However, there is a really strong base of talent and precedence all newcomers are working with. Personally, I’m very intrigued to see how it plays out and will be keeping up with the news as it trickles out.

How do you think everything will shake out? Are you ready for an MCU Rated-R outing?

WandaVision Drops Today!

Official Trailer 2 | WandaVision | Disney+

“We are an unusual couple.”Marvel Studios’ #WandaVision, an Original Series, starts streaming Jan. 15 on #DisneyPlus.► Subscribe to Marvel: http://bit.ly/WeO…

Following the moving of the latest December 2020 release date, Marvel Studios is debuting their first Disney+ exclusive series, WandaVision, today (Friday, January 15th, 2020), to subscribers worldwide! Initial reactions are in and they are overwhelmingly positive:

No Title

I’ve watched THREE episodes of #WandaVision and have thoroughly enjoyed it. Truly unlike anything Marvel Studios has done – it’s light, funny & fully committed to its retro sitcom inspirations, but it also carefully sprinkles in enough mystery & intrigue to keep you guessing pic.twitter.com/8dqegsg5By

Whether or not WandaVision was always intended to be the launch point it is the first series and, therefore, carries a heavy weight on its shoulders. Can it do what Arrow did for the DCTV universe over on The CW? Based on the early social media reactions – yes!

We’ll know for sure today! Who is tuning in? What are your thoughts? Let’s chat in the comments section (and over on Twitter, of course!), especially once we’ve all streamed.

Los Angeles Shuts Down Productions

Since the new year turned over there’s a good chance you’ve seen a number of reports across news sources of productions shutting down across Los Angeles in the wake of the post-holiday season spike.

If you aren’t playing along at home 1-in-5 residents in Los Angeles county who have been tested for Covid-19 have tested positive.

As a result, all LA-based entertainment productions have ceased and unions are cracking down on those who believe themselves above the rules.

Variety published an article last week which speaks to doubt across the industry about how long this shut down will last:

“The cupboards are bare and there is too much money at stake,” said one TV producer who wished to remain anonymous. “We’ve somehow convinced ourselves that we can do this safely. Are we doing it safely? We are being incentivized to believe that we are. So I think everyone is going to continue to take calculated risks.”

With several huge productions contracting Covid-19 in 2020 (Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet, Mr. Mayor, All-America, The Good Doctor, Lucifer, Young Sheldon), the powers that be now stand at the crossroad of health/wellness and power/profit.

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