it’s the final mission of Task Force X.  Who will live and who will DIE?  Your Major Spoilers review of Suicide Squad #11 from DC Comics awaits!


Writer: Tom Taylor
Artist: Bruno Redondo
Colorist: Adriano Lucas
Letterer: Wes Abbott
Editor: Andrea Shea
Publisher: DC Comics
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: November 25,2020

Previously in Suicide SquadTask Force X has been through hell and back.  Now they’re the last thing standing between a human bomb and an island full of innocents.  Which means that even if they win the day, there’s nowhere to run when the Justice League arrives to clean house!


After his death in a previous issue, short-distance speedster Jog awakens in the morgue.  He tries to gather his wits, surprised to have a head, when a voice greets him from offscreen… It’s the Black Racer, the embodiment of Death Itself, and he wants to tell Jog the truth about his parentage.  Instead of the normal response at hearing that Death is your dad, Jog wants to know what happened to his friends, insisting that they talk later.  Racing into action, he finds his friends in Badhnisia, holding off an army by themselves, and performs a high-speed extraction to save the day.  Harley Quinn happily pronounces their mission accomplished, shooting Black Mask in the leg as they decide who gets to kill him.  They’re interrupted by the Justice League, who takes the villain into custody, only to have the Badhnisian President tell the JLA that the Suicide Squad is under her care.  Having fulfilled their mission, the Squad members (minus Harley Quinn, who has to go meet with Deadshot’s daughter about no longer having a dad) get to gather the men who put them on the team for a little payback…


I’m truly surprised how much I liked this issue, and I’m sad that I haven’t been reading it every month.  Taylor’s characterization makes every character stand out, and Harley Quinn is especially fun under his pen.  The art is lively and creative, not only making Batman look great but making Jog (a slightly overweight French man in tights) look amazing as well.  The action sequences pop, every facial expression is Kevin Maguire-level expressive and best of all?  These strange heroes feel every bit as real and as impressive as any Justice Leaguer and the final page Bad Ass Power Walk is excellent.  I’ve already bought the previous issues I missed based on how much I like this one, and since it ends with a “stealth pilot” moment that I hope comes true in the coming weeks.


In short, Suicide Squad #11 is pretty great, with excellent art, coloring, scripting and a great cast of characters, and even though the body count ends up being minus-one, it stands as one of the strongest Suicide Squad issues I can recall, earning 4.5 out of 5 stars overall.  Here’s hoping that these characters don’t just disappear from view forever.

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Excellent Stuff

This issue surprised me in several important ways, and best of all? It made me sad that the book was ending, even though I haven't been following it at all. Hope there's more with these characters down the road...

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