Ever since John Byrne’s second volume of Superman debuted with the ‘Man of Steel’ miniseries in 1986, the variant cover has been a staple of big sales events.  X-Men #1 had five of them, Gen13 made its debut with THIRTEEN of them, and I honestly don’t remember how many versions there were of The Walking Dead #100.  It’s common to hear people mocking the very idea, but I actually enjoyed certain variants.  When the Justice Society had truly terrible painted Alex Ross nonsense, I could still buy the Rags Morales alternates that actually resembled the interior art, and I actually enjoy when several covers make a mosaic image, leading to today’s 1-in-10 variant query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) is wrapped in gold foil, holographic and made of indestructible Tyvek, asking: What’s the BEST variant cover of all time?


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  1. Daniel Langsdale on

    That would have to be the 50 States variants of U.S.Avengers #1 which not only have a different cover for every state with a different Avenger imposed on it, they all mosaic together to form the US flag.

  2. Jarmo Seppänen on

    I know that they are seen as cheesy, but I kinda like those lenticular “3D” covers, when used sparingly.

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