Immortality and illumination. Writer Jacob Murray (Court of the Dead: Shadows of the Underworld) lures comics readers into a whole new realm of fantasy, before purgatory and undying, with The Eighth Immortal #1 from Source Point Press. Alongside the burgeoning and mystical anime artist, Alice Li Barnes, with cover art by Tiffany Turrill (Lucifer).

Curipan has spent her immortality protecting humanity from the threat of an ancient prophecy. But time and a secret trauma have worn her down, forcing her to choose between her duty and her sanity. The Eighth Immortal is a scandalous fantasy that asks the question, should anything last forever?

“Trauma finds us all at some point, and the knowledge of our mortality often is what allows us to leave it behind, lest we waste our limited time left on this earth,” said Writer Jacob Murray. “But what happens when time can’t heal your wounds because time can’t kill you?

The Eighth Immortal was born of a dream. I dreamt of a woman, shrouded in black, reciting a strange incantation to me. ‘With my right hand, a blessing. With my left, a curse.’ When I woke, I set out to find out what the blessing and the curse were.

Though I have only known Alice a short time, the blessing is our beautiful partnership. She distills the bizarre and fantastical into their simplest forms, and her art has given this story an energy I couldn’t have dreamt of. We are so excited to share this world with readers, and hope that through the millennia old trauma of our immortals, they can soften their own.”

The curse of The Eighth Immortal is one of resisting our nature—The immortals in this story are given great power, but the price of that power is to inhabit it with all the frailty of the human psyche.”

“One of the things I’m most inspired by is using art techniques to convey story and emotion. This dark world drew me in, and I pushed my boundaries with paneling and inking to realize Jacob’s vision,” said Artist Alice Li Barnes. “His concept of a black and white toned comic with color accents sounded like an interesting, enjoyable challenge. A year later, that became The Eighth Immortal, and I’m excited to share this truly artistic vision with readers.”

The Eighth Immortal #1 is slated for release Jan 27, 2021, with three monthly issues to follow. Letters by LetterSquids. Incentive Cover B by G. Bifulco.

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