In the summer of ’89, literally everything was coming up Batman, from our pasta to our McDonald’s toys to our breakfast cereal.  If memory serves, Batman’s cereal was nothing more than Cap’n Crunch with additional sharp edges to rip the flesh of your mouth, but it was worlds better than the Ninja Turtles’ Life cereal knockoff, featuring pizza-shaped marshmallows.  Thankfully, they weren’t pizza FLAVORED, but they were nonetheless not good.  Though a number of cereal mascots are superhumans, there aren’t nearly as many superhero cereals, leading to today’s part-of-a-complete-breakfast query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) thinks Blue Beetle cereal is a no-brainer, with flying Bug-shaped marshmallows and blue corn flakes, asking: Which fictional character most needs their own breakfast cereal?


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  1. Hellboy. you can imagine all the little trinkets, sigils, cthulhus, mignola skulls, etc. that they could turn into marshmallows, and of course the crunchy boring cereal component would be the BPRD fist/sword logo.

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