Just in time for the best holiday of the year, Iron Circus Comics will release The Last Halloween, and all-ages original graphic novel in October 2020.

The Last Halloween: Children
WRITER: Abby Howard
TRIM: 6.625″ × 10.25″
GENRE: Horror / Adventure
SRP: $25
FORMAT: Trade Paperback
PUB DATE: October 20, 2020
ISBN #: 9781945820663
PUBLISHER: Iron Circus Comics
The book is a 400+ page scare-fest in which an interdimensional monster invasion takes place on Halloween night, leaving a reluctant little human and her ragtag band of friendly monsters to fight them back. Though it’s very funny and on the younger side of YA it’s got a lot of seriously grisly mayhem that isn’t for the faint of heart; it will be a huge hit with precocious tweens and all horror-loving young ones, especially in this Halloween season with its mix of classic cartoony monsters, actual horrific monsters, and trick-or-treat themes.

Kids (and adults!) will especially relate to Mona, the reluctant tween mentioned above, as she goes from bored and stuck at home to scared out of her wits to potential savior of the human race. It’s a traditional hero’s journey that’s “catchy” and a breeze to follow, yet full of unexpected twists and turns through Abby’s wild imagination. As the dangers mount, Mona rises to her calling despite how unfair it is, and her band of outcasts learn to believe in themselves and work as a team. It’s an exhilarating read that’s about something beyond the terrifically fun Halloween coating.

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