Be ready to bend the knee, ‘cause it’s time for another installment of “So You Want To Read Comics”, a weekly feature where we introduce new readers to comics via other interests, beloved properties, and fandoms. This week,  we’re taking a trip to Westeros and looking at comics for fans of Game of Thrones.

Starting its life as a fantasy novel series, George R. R. Martin’s Game of Thrones blew up in popularity thanks to a very successful HBO adaptation.  Entranced by this universe’s brutal, no-one-is-safe, approach to fantasy sagas, fans flocked to this property to see and read the intricate family dramas, medieval warfare, and more than a decent  amount of sex.  Now that the HBO series has concluded, the spin-offs are in production limbo, and the next novel has no announced release date as of yet, fans have been itching for that same sort of intense, fantasy tale, and comics are here to provide.

These following comics should satisfy anyone longing to head back to the Seven Kingdoms.

The Hedge Knight (A Game of Thrones)

Writers: Ben Avery & George R. R. Martin
Artist: Mike S. Miller
Publisher: Jet City Comics



Now, there is a comic adaptation of A Game of Thrones proper, this on the other hand is a sort of prequel to the events we all know and love.  Set 100 years prior to the events of the novels, this focuses on a squire named Duncan as he embarks on a quest for knighthood, this series quickly expands into the same sort of large scale, political machinations that A Game of Thrones became known for, as Duncan is pulled into the scheming of the nobility and the consequences thereof.  What makes this such a good comic for fans of A Game of Thrones is because it’s actually partly written by George R. R. Martin.  Also, it’s fun to see a new perspective on this universe and gain some insight into the things that would eventually lead to the events of the novels and t.v. series.


Writer: Marjorie Liu
Artist: Sana Takeda
Publisher: Image Comics



If you were basing things on appearance alone, it may seem like Monstress doesn’t have a lot in common with A Game of Thrones, being that Monstress is more has a distinct Asian influence, more technology, and generally just not a European classical fantasy.  But, on closer look there’s a lot of similarities between the main character of Maika and a character like Danerys as she also has been thrust into a continent spanning journey all while learning to harness and control a monster that has been tied to her.  Also, there’s similarities with Maika and Arya, as Maika’s quest leads her to learning more about her history and periodically dips into revenge. Also, there’s a fair amount of political intrigue and large scale warfare that are so integral to A Game of Thrones.

So, did you give these a read? Did you sing a song of ice and fire afterwards?  Do you have some suggestions of your own? Let us know in the comment section below.

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