This week’s MSP featured another chapter of ‘My Hero Academia’ featuring the hero kid, the angsty kid, the cute kid, the upbeat kid and that one jerk.  Our discussion touched on the the archetype of the headstrong jerk (in this case Bakugo with the exploding sweat), a common character in ensemble casts and one that can be difficult to implement.  Jayne from ‘Firefly’, for instance, is all about money, but provides an important martial skill set to the crew of Sereneity and as for Barney Stinson, he’s got a sweet side that his friends keep falling for nurturing, leading us to today’s unrepentant query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) still can’t figure out why the Riverdale kids ever let Reggie come around at ALL, asking: What fictional character best exemplifies That One Jerk that you can’t figure out why the other characters tolerate?


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  1. Darth Bashir on

    Leonard from Big Bang alternated between being whiny and a jerk, at least in the early seasons that I watched.

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