This week, to help keep the teenager occupied with most of her summer plans cancelled, we bought ‘Animal Crossing: New Horizon’, which might  have necessitated the purchase of a Switch upon which to play it.  I’m reminded of twenty years ago, when I visited the Wal-Mart at midnight to pick up an N64 and a copy of ‘Wrestlemania 2000″, which kickstarted my purchase a a new video game each year to keep up with wrestling rosters.  Either way, the constant high-pitched mutterings haven’t driven me around the bend (yet), but it did spur today’s eighth-gen query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) picked up ‘Spider-Man‘ for the PS4 not so long ago, but that’s the last thing I purchased, asking: What’s the last new video game you bought?


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  1. Last physical game.. My memory doesn’t go back that far. Maybe Dragon Age.
    Digital copy, maybe Divinity: Original Sin.

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