I have a dear friend who has one of the most annoying habits ever.  (Actually, now that I type it, that sentence fits damn near everyone I know, from Stephen all the way down to my Aunt Tilly from Akron.)  She is a movie contrarian, championing bad films, taking shots at good ones, and laughing raucously during truly scary sequences and incidentally ruining them.  While I appreciate that mileage varies, it seems that watching SyFy originals is a high price to pay to enjoy a few moments of giggling, especially if the things involve Dean Cain.  Still, as a big fan of certain films that others like to mock, I understand the urge, but sometimes a crap movie is just a crap movie.  Even Joel and the crew at MST3K couldn’t find much to mock on ‘Monster A Go-Go,’ leaving them to go off on unrelated tangents to make the episode funny, leading to today’s reputedly bad query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) wants the bird’s eye lowdown on this caper, whatever that means, asking: Which reputedly bad movie do you feel MOST earned the public’s derision and hatred?


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  1. Man, Independence Day: Resurgence was… real bad.

    The first one has a cheesy charm to it and I can’t help but love it despite its flaws. But that sequel, man, there’s no joy in it at all. It’s just kind of… there… being terrible.

  2. Daniel Langsdale on

    That Dungeons & Dragons movie with Marlon Wayans and Jeremy Irons comes to mind as something that bored audiences of all ages. At least, among the audience when I went to see it. In the theater. Thanks for helping me remember that, I’m going for some dandelion time now.

  3. I never saw the movie, but I remember the one word review by Gene Shalit for the 1980 movie “Xanadu”. “Xana-don’t”
    It has a 25% Rotten Tomatoes score if that means anything.

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