It’s a superheroic doubleheader week in Episode 431! First up is the return of Caleb Thusat, one of the main driving forces behind Alter Life, Zed and Nook. He’s got a new children’s book on Kickstarter right now called Supercats Halloween!

Here’s the series’ quick description: “It’s Halloween, and the Bad Dogs are tearing up the town dressed as Superhero Cats! A cute, clever story of self-worth and friendship.” This latest Kickstarter is closing in on its goal, so now is the time to get on board! I recommend you go to Kickstarter at this link after you listen to this episode!

Then everything wraps up with Louis Southard making his podcast debut as he talks about his great series Villains Seeking Hero, available from Action Lab: Danger Zone. This is Louis’ first comic, and he’s starting off with a bang! Here’s the book’s description: “Drowning in his own professional downward spiral, the veteran super-villain known as Master Molecule has been forced to become the leader of a new team of heinous criminals. In his shadow now lurks the powerful yet eccentric Spirit King and the mute force majeure Nite-Man. As the three coworkers learn to live with each other, they must also deal with whatever else their dangerous and bombastic world of costumed crusaders throws in their direction.” The printed version will be available once things resolve with the current pandemic, but you don’t have to wait to read this great series! The first eight issues are now available on comiXology at this link. I highly recommend this excellent take on superheroes and villains, so be sure to catch it today!

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