With my sixteen-year-old daughter doing her learning from the living room these days, I wonder if it’s going to affect the way she thinks about her entire middle/high school experience.  Thinking back to my own experiences, I…  would rather have gone to Hogwarts.  Heck, the fictional school experience of Springfield Elementary might even be okay, since I kind of resembled Nelson at younger ages and might get spillover respect.  Indeed, there are a number of interesting options in fiction, from Sweet Valley High to the Legion Academy, that might make for a wonderful back-to-school experience, leading to today’s matriculating query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) might choose the Xavier Academy, but only if I can be one of those sexy Jean Grey mutants and not a furry guy with fangs, asking: Which fictional school would you most like to attend as a student?


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  1. I’m gonna say UA – even though it does have an unfortunate tendency to get attacked by the League of Villains.

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