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Many of us are currently finding ourselves inside of doors with a lot of spare time for reading on our hands. Why not take advantage of a time like this by diving into some Collected Works, Omnibi, and Graphic Novels? We are here to offer a series of helpful suggestions on GRAPHIC NOVEL options:

These are in no ranked order, but they come recommended from years working in comic book retail, what was popular in the last year, and what will set you apart from every other gift giver in a person’s life who knows they like Batman and thinks a pencil case with the Dark Knight on it counts as a thoughtful present.

Please consume this list knowing that comic books are for everyone and can be appreciated across age and gender lines. My suggestions have been tailored based on current trends and what my experience has taught me works for a specific audience.

Price: $7.99

There’s a good chance you’ve heard me say this on The Major Spoiler Podcast or Geek History Lesson and I am here to reiterate it: “DC Kids line is the most exciting comics coming out of DC right now!” and Green Lantern: Legacy is no exception! Most of the DC Kids book center around the trinity (Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman), with very few straying away from the brand power those three command. Green Lantern: Legacy not on strays from the formula, but it doesn’t star any of the Green Lantern we know! Tai Pham is a completely original Green Lantern character and his story embraces the idea of legacy more than most when Tai inherits his Power Ring and Battery from his Grandmother! Green Lantern: Legacy requires no previous knowledge going in, presents and exciting diverse world just like the one we live in today, and reminds us just how important family – and knowing who you are – really is!

Price: $9.99

Smart Kids makes wonderful Superheroes! Lunella Lafayette, the eponymous Moon Girl herself, is the smartest person in the Marvel Universe (take that, Tony Stark!), and she has a psychic connection with a sentient Devil Dinosaur (who is actually a mutant, but that’s a bigger, wilder story for another time)! Not only does Lunella have to deal with family, friends, and being the brightest bulb at school, but she also has to worry about swapping brains with Devil Dinosaur at the risk of revealing where she is hiding him … in her secret lair! Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur has been one of my favourite Marvel Comics series since it started and I really can’t recommend it enough to readers of all ages!

Price: $9.99

The children love My Hero Academia – and I love it to! The anime adaptation has swept across multimedia platforms (English dubs can be streamed on Hulu, Japanese dubs on Crunchyroll), which makes this item on the list something which can lead to a tansmedia experience for any fan currently at home and looking to keep themselves busy. This juggernaut of a series began in manga and has been heartily translated into English (there’s about 100 volumes a reader can get their hands on physically or digitally). For a reader interested in what Western Superhero Traditions would look like set against Eastern Art and Tropes My Hero Academia is for you! Definitely better for a Middle Grade or Older reader because the fights get a bit intense at times! Super fun, super quick, read! … you can also check out the Major Spoilers Podcast since we have 2 past episodes reviewing this series!

Price: $8.99

This volume is the second series to come out of David Gallaher’s The Only Living Boy and I love it so much! Protagonist Zee takes on the responsibility of writing her father (an evil scientist type!), wrote on the world after a life altering cosmic events. Not only is The Only Living Girl fun, fast, and beautiful, but given the subject matter, it could open up younger readers to discussions about what is going on with the world right now and why we’re all stuck inside doing more reading in the first place. What’s nice about The Only Living Girl: The Island at the Edge of Infinity is that there are both future volumes (more with Zee), and past volume (the aforementioned The Only Living Boy), for readers to check out if they destroy this one in good time!

Price: $14.99

I’m going to be honest with you here, Spoilerite, this is a self-serving, self-indulgent addition to the list. I co-wrote Science! The Elements of Dark Energy and I happen to be very proud of it. If that’s enough for you to want to pick it up consider getting a signed copy https://www.jasoninman.com/store won’t you? Besides all that self-serving nonsense, Science! The Elements of Dark Energy explores a Hogwarts-esque school focusing on super science rather than magic and what happens to the evil headmaster when Tamsin Kuhn Trakroo (the smartest teen around!), shows up to try to take him down! Plus, this is science fiction based in science fact: at various points throughout the graphic novel S.T.A.T. Robots pop in to explain the real world science we drew inspiration for our narrative from! I know there’s concern about educational content in this homeschool world and I happen to believe I’ve made a nice contribution to just that!

Header Photo by Streetwindy Bui from Pexels

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