Archie Comics has announced it is bringing back Betty Cooper, as the teenage superhero – Superteen.

“The best part about the Archie characters is how flexible and durable they are. They’re icons. So, you can bring in a zombie apocalypse or the B-52s, and if you’re true to the characters, it works. This is another genre-bending example of that, with a Spider-Gwen twist,” said Archie Comics Co-President Alex Segura in a press release from Archie Comics.

Based on the classic superpowered versions of the Riverdale gang dating back to 1965, known as “Archie’s Super Teens,” this modern update of Betty’s super alter ego is written by YA fantasy phenom Danielle Paige (Mera: Tidebreaker, Dorothy Must Die), and features an updated stylistic look by artist Brittney Williams (BETTY & VERONICA: THE BOND OF FRIENDSHIP, Patsy Walker, aKa Hellcat!). Betty’s modernized costume was redesigned by Robbi Rodriguez of Spider-Gwen fame.

In this fresh starting point for new Superteen fans, Betty is gifted with superpowers and takes the opportunity to level up her constant efforts to help people. But a new villain is on the scene, as well, and it looks like it might be her BFF, Veronica!

“Betty is the heart of Riverdale, so the idea of having her don a costume and save the day isn’t a new one,” Segura added. “But we wanted to take a decidedly YA approach this time around — to have a story with heart, action and plenty of fun, teen drama. That made Danielle Paige the perfect writer, with her proven track record in the novel and comics space. Brittney Williams is also one of our favorite artists, who showcases a ton of range with this one-shot. If you dig what we’re doing here, please show your support so we can give this A-list team the chance to keep telling these stories.”

Betty Cooper: Superteen #1 arrives on June 10, 2020.

via Archie Comics


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