Recently, my family finished up with ‘The Mandalorian’, and everyone was impressed with how good it was.  When I mentioned this to Stephen, he mocked me for once again being behind the times, with the implication that I wasn’t part of the larger conversation about the show and that was bad.  For my part, not being part of a larger conversation was part of the point, as I didn’t have to wait week-to-week for new episodes (a must with an impatient teen in the house) and I never got told that what I found good was bad by everyone in my Twitter feed.  I found a similar joy back during the era of ‘The Sandman’,  a book that benefits from reading at your own pace, as I waited for the collections because the wait between individual issues was maddening.  Besides, it’s not like I didn’t see all my friends talking about the show for three months, leading to today’s delayed query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) is grateful to have experienced ‘Titanic’ a few years after all the hooplah, allowing me to decide whether or not it was good away from being told how everybody else loved it, asking: What book, show, film or comic are you most glad to have enjoyed at your own pace?


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  1. Star Trek: Discovery. No waiting between episodes, and I was able to watch the entire first season over the course of a free trial (and then again next season). I also got to avoid most of the overly critical feedback from the more entitled portion of the Star Trek fandom.

    I’ll also give a runner up to binging the first 14 and a half seasons of Supernatural over the course of about a month.

  2. Feels like most of the comics and shows I get into are at least half an year old. I guess the latest example is Gundam Origin manga. Its 12 hardcover volumes released over almost three years and waiting between them would have been terrible. Even worse, if I’d had to follow it month to month with original releases.

  3. It took me about 10 years to get a copy of ‘The Complete Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck.” I am savoring it by reading a chapter a day.

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