Hellooooo, Future People!  You ready for some Ten Things Nerdery™? W to Ten Things: Ten Time Travelers!

Whooshman-Bicarbonate Films, in conjunction with An Amateur Comics Historian and That Time At MacLaren’s Where Twenty-Years-From-Now-Barney Showed Up, Presents:



College student Rina Patel had barely discovered her time-traveling powers when she jumped forward into her costumed superhero self, in the middle of a battle as a New Warrior. Foreseeing the death of Speedball, she sought out the team and discovered a convoluted nonsense retcon, but ended up a full member of the team. Sadly, an explosion during the team’s final mission ended her time-slipping, as she seemingly overtaxed them trying to keep the bomb in check. Rina was last seen being chased by a mob of angry rioters after the Stamford Incident.

I hope she’s okay…


An evil Kamen Rider from the future, the mysterious Ginga (whose name means, roughly, “galaxy”) arrived in the year 2008 to try and undo the legacy of Kamen Rider Kiva. He was opposed by 2091’s Kamen Rider Zi-O and his allies, eventually fleeing from their attacks and retreating to outer space. After his defeat, his power was accessed as booster for Kamen Rider Woz.

I, for one, appreciate his flying saucer headgear.


A hero from an unknown future reality, Hot Pursuit arrived in Prime Central City with a dire warning for The Flash. Eventually, he revealed himself to be an alternate version of Barry Allen himself, who channeled his Speed Force powers through a Cosmic Motorcycle, built from Cosmic Treadmill technology. The warning turned out to be about Barry created the Flashpoint reality, so he returned during after the universal restructuring that caused the New 52, even passing on his cycle to a new rider.


After winning a battle royale to choose the greatest Batfan of them all in the year 2167, Devani traveled back in time to kill the monster that killed The Batman. Unfortunately, bad intelligence made her think that said killer was Harley Quinn, which led to glorious, hilarious murdery mayhem.

I think that calling her ‘Batfan’ and having her hang around would be pretty awesome, but that’s just me…


A Time Police Marshal from the 29th Century, January is a descendant of Archie Andrews who traveled back in time to fix what should have been a minor glitch. Instead, she got wrapped up in the nonsense that is the life of Jughead Jones. They traveled through time together, even striking up a romance before disappearing as if she never existed. Her return in 2019 naturally meant that a terrible crisis was brewing that only Forsythe P. Jones could stave off.

So… probably doomed, then.


Having accidentally invented time travel for CERN, Dr. Neela Sethi was confronted by Ivar The Timewalker, an immortal who could pass through aeons under his own power. They fell in love, but various complications kept them apart (include Neela trying to take her own life to save the timestream. At the end of their interaction, however long that might have been, both she and Ivar were alive and walking time…

…but each was doing it alone.


Once the sheriff of Silver Gulch circa 1883, Jim Brooks was unexpectedly thrown forward in time to a world where humans were nothing but prey for monsters. He was lucky to be “upgraded” by an AI and given a device that would allow him to stalk the monsters through space and time, just like Journey. Originally called The Chrono-Ranger, one Jim in the multiverse is known as The Renegade, but what all of him have in common is the life of a loner and a hatred for the rats what ‘et his left arm.


Another time policeman, this time with Space-Time Police Wecker Signa (Space-time Investigation Group NAvigation), Saria Kasuga is bright and spunky with intent of protecting the timestream from the evil Tensemudler crime organization. Finding any information at all about her adventures has strained my Google-Fu and tenuous Japanese to the breaking point, which is also my excuse for the grainy image.

I actually encountered her by accident, and spent several months trying to figure out who she was, thanks to the Wecker Signa sigil looking so much like Wonder Woman’s emblem.


A rogue agent of the Time Variance Authority, the bureaucracy that contains temporal anomalies in the Marvel Universe, Professor Justin Alphonse Gamble is a loving tribute to a certain Time Lord. His time machine is disguised as a bookstore, and he battles strange mechanical creatures known as the Dredlox throughout the whole of space and time. He even seems to have the ability to change his looks, as his adversaries thought that actor Bob Diamond might be him.

I like to think of him as the Second incarnation of Willy Wonka, but that’s just me.


A student at M.I.T., Walker Gabriel’s life was changed forever when he discovered the notes of David Clinton, the original villain called Chronos, and built his time-distortion suit. Traveling throughout the history of the DCU, he continually upgraded his suit and eventually had to remove himself from history in order to save his mother’s life. Somehow, he managed to still exist outside of space and time, but apparently only other time-travelers remember that fact.

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